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Would you like serious help with improving your overall health? Do you realize that it is nearly impossible to get the nutrients your body needs to maintain and rebuild itself solely from the foods that you eat? Did you know that every one of your cells is replaced with a new cell every 45 to 120 days? If you are not eating good quality foods and supplementing your food intake with whole food supplements, your body is NOT able to keep you healthy...and certainly, your body is not rebuilding itself to a high quality level of health.

This is an important topic to discuss with regard to chiropractic treatment and overall spinal joint function. Every cell type in your body relies on you choosing good foods in order to keep each cell functioning at a high level. If you have neck or back pain, chiropractic treatment may be effective to relieve the pain, but in time, you will likely have similar pain again. If you are not getting the nutrition your spinal joints and muscles need to rebuild themselves to a stronger status, the joints continue to be unstable. You may suffer muscle cramps or muscle spasms or you may feel like your back is about to give out on you. These are signs of chiropractic type treatable conditions and also signs of specific nutritional deficiencies.

Your body gives you information every day about itself and its state of health. This information is invaluable and may be successfully used to assist you to understand your specific areas of weakness. A nutritional consultation is an easy process and validates what you may already know about your state of health. To better understand your systems' weaknesses, you complete a questionaire and I analyze that information and make dietary recommendations for you specifically. Over a period of six to twelve weeks, you will begin to rebuild yourself to a higher quality level of health. This is the easiest and best approach to attaining and maintaining good health. To wait for blood tests to show a significant level of illness when you know there is something wrong healthwise, is the worst way to approach healthcare. That approach is called "sickness care". With some body systems, blood tests do not show a problem until approximately 60% of the tissue is in a state of disease. That is a crisis state. We should all want to strive towards wellness. We should not rely upon drugs to only reduce symptoms. Generally, drugs do not fix your condition....they reduce the findings or the symptoms of your condition. That state of illness is still is masked by the drugs.

We offer, after examination and nutritional consultation, Standard Process whole food supplements. They are the best in every way possible and will assist you in recovering to a better level of health.

If you'd like to be the commander AND the chief of your own body, make an appointment today for a nutritional consultation....take charge of your life.


     Set realistic goals: losing 3 to 5 pounds per month is realistic

     Make good food choices:  choose lean meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole (not processed) grains.

     Forget the scales: the best way to measure weight loss is by how your clothes fit.   If you really need to weigh yourself, do it weekly.

     Exercise: begin slowly if you have not been exercising.  Walk at a brisk pace for a short distance to start.   Push yourself harder daily by walking a further distance with increased speed.  "P.A.C.E." and "The Slow Burn Revolution" are excellent book sources for guiding you to maximize exercise benefits.  Be consistent.  Without exercise, weight loss may mean you are losing bone and muscle tissues.

      Support: enlist your family members to support you and join you in your efforts to make good food choices and in exercise.