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People, Places and Other Things Of Interest

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Dr. Weisel with Max and his foxhound, Frazier from the Tulsa area. Frazier was unable to walk on his own at the start of treatment...he's running and jumping now...he still has a rigid gate but he's up.

Dr. Weisel with Lynn, Jessy and Jessy's new colt, Rush. Jessy is a rescue story. She was emaciated and had a foal by her side when Lynn brought her home two years ago. Jessy had a significant lower back injury prior to this as well. Here she is two years later...a shining example of good health.

Baby 'Diva'...Diva is just one example of a the most pleasant dog in the "pit bull" flavor. She had back issues that were successfully resolved with chiropractic treatment.

Oklahoma's stormy weather. Lots of folks have said they are concerned about our welfare when they hear of a know what it true...there are weather factors everywhere you may choose to live.

Our Pal 'Zeke'

The agility athlete

Zeke had both hip joints surgically replaced many years prior to getting chiropractic treatment. When he first came to see me, Gary carried him in. It was not long and Zeke was up and at his usual activities. You may want to read Gary's testimonial. Zeke...Gary and Sue's baby boy.

Dr. Weisel in her clinic. This dog is muzzled because he was striking out with any touch. The second time I treated him, he was a different muzzle necessary. He was a rescue just can't know what's happened to them before....we wish they could speak English.

Dr. Weisel, Cindy and Sam.....Sam is very special too....he had a very bad reaction to a vaccine....He is doing well.

Dr. Weisel and the crew at home lining up for an adjustment.

Dr. Weisel at the statue...this is the area from where Dr comes in Kansas.

A bust at the Buffalo Soldier Memorial

Mr. White the Chinese Crested (click photo to read mail from Mr. Whites mom)