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Useful Links

Important information about processed food and your health. Valuable information on vaccines and there effects on you and your children. Great resource for material on womans health issues and a lot more. Enjoy the read.

Learn more about a doctors' education and certification process.

Check out this'll find pics of Tulsa area pets, pets looking for a great home, etc....

Acupuncture is another form of alternative medicine.  Many health challenges issues may be successfully addressed with alternative medicine.

This is a daily "health" newsletter that actually tells you the truth....what a concept....whether it's information about vaccinations, cholesterol, drugs, it's all there.....and it's backed by science.

Standard Process provides high quality "whole foods" supplements for humans, canines and felines.

Your source of current news....nutritional, national, etc...

Canine Sports Academy offers "lessons" for you and your dog...agility, conformation, etc....

A-1 Pet Emporium

At K9 Manners & More, we take a positive approach to training. We achieve results through methods that are friendly for people and dogs.

About Yarr!

On our 'Photo' page we have a pictue of Yarr. Yarr is loved and trained by Kris Butler, who owns American Dog Obedience Center, LLC. You can link to their site with the link below. Yarr has been a patient of mine and I am so pleased to see these great achievements.  Great job Dennis and Kris!!