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Our Patients - both Human and Animal

We have asked our patients to tell their story about themselves, loved ones and their animals. We hope you will find these testimonials of interest, informative and helpful.


An open letter to anyone with back pain.

My troubles began on a hot afternoon in August 2006. I was trimming a tree from the top step of a six foot ladder, (you know, the one that says ‘not a step - DO NOT USE-DANGER’). I had used that step a hundred times before and never had a problem, but this time I was set up on a gopher tunnel and when I shifted my weight, the ladder went over and I came down on top of it with disastrous results.

At first it was only numbness in my left leg, but no pain. Then, about three months later the pain began. Only a little at first but gradually it hurt more and more until finally it became a "10" 24/7.

My Doctor said it was spinal stenosis and started me on pain pills and sleeping pills and after several months, sent me to physical therapy. It didn’t work. Next I tried acupuncture. That helped for a while but soon faded. Next I tried hypnosis but that didn’t work either. Finally, in desperation, and at my own expense, I tried chiropractic with Dr. Weisel. I have to say I did not think it would work, but I had tried everything else and I was running out of options.

I experienced favorable results from the very first visit and over the course of the next few weeks I was able to overcome my addiction to the pain pills and the sleeping pills and Finally I experienced a complete, 100% cure. No more pain, and nor more sleepless nights and ultimately, I was able to work 14 hour days putting a new roof on my house. Not bad for a 74 year of man, especially when you consider, according to my Doctor, there is no cure for spinal stenosis, it only gets worse.

I owe Dr. Weisel a huge debt of gratitude for she has given me something I thought was lost forever. She has given me back my life.





December 2008

Dr. Weisel:

Corgi Mom is helping me sent you a GREAT BIG CORGI "THANK YOU" I was a little concerned when we arrived at your place Saturday. Corgi Mom told me she was taking us to a special doctor that would make us feel better. I was rather curious as to what you were doing to Ben, but he assured me you weren't hurting him...that what you were doing actually made him feel better; then it was my turn. Your hands and voice were so gentle and reassuring, I was nervous, but couldn't help but relax as I realized, boy "I FEEL GOOD!" When I shook it out, I realized, how good I felt. Corgi dad says I feel like jello" (whatever that is) when he holds me now rather than "hard as a rock". I forgot what feelin' good felt like. I can't thank you enough for giving me back a pain free life. I can even go down the steps without Corgi Mom lifting me.

Corgi Mom promised to bring us back again, so keep those tasty treats on hand!

Corgially yours,
Otreks Creme De La Creme "Grace"



Ben (Skrinkle Invader of Revelmere) sends special thanks, too, saying he is not tight in the back and knotted up. Moving around with a free stride again. He promised to limit his jumping...and is looking forward to playing with the kids.


Dr. Weisel:

Grace has felt hard as a rock for two years (since her accident) and I never connected it to possible injury. When Randy loaded her in truck, he remarked she felt like "jello" instead of a rock. Later at home, when I was petting her, I noticed the same thing; all of that tightness and hardness is gone; poor thing, she must have been more miserable than I thought...We plan on returning in March sometime for more treatments. She is definately a different dog now, moving much freer and more frisky. I just can't thank you enough for all you did to bring my corgis relief.

(We certainly don't mind if you want to post our comments on your website, if it makes believers out of folks, all the better-Ben was flattered when I read his comments back to him from you website)

Janice Ciarla

Enid, OK

From Cayenne Cresteds

Hello Dr. Weisel,

From Mr. White the Chinese Crested you adjusted at OKC and Janice
Regier. I just want you to know Mr. White is doing great ! He even won
and finished his Championship on Sun ! He moved down and back so true !

You helped us so much !

Any way , I wanted to check in and make sure I got added to your email
list .

Thanks so much ,
Janice Regier
Cayenne Cresteds


Dr. Weisel

Memphis is an 8 year old bay quarter horse I took in on a horse trade. He was supposed to be gentle for anyone ride, and since I knew the person I got him from, I didn’t try him out before bringing him home. What we found was that, while Memphis was incredibly gentle on the ground, any time a rider touched his reins to ask for a change of direction, or even a stop, he would sling his head and dance, and generally get incredibly nervous. He was bad enough that it made him unsafe to ride. Round pen work showed a horse that either could not or didn’t know how to bend and turn, and went into great distress when asked to do so.

I had his teeth checked, changed bits, tried a bitless bridle, tried different saddles, all to no avail. So, I took him to Dr. Weisel as a last-ditch effort to avoid unnecessarily severe training methods to correct his problems. She worked on him for nearly an hour and a half, finding many problems from head to tail. During her gentle manipulations, he slowly relaxed and the change in this in this horse was amazing. After only one adjustment, he was a new animal.

Memphis has always been a little hard to load into the trailer, but that day, after is adjustment, he stepped right in, relaxed and quiet. I was then that I realized that it had always cause him pain to take that step up into the trailer, and that’s why he balked every time.

Two days later, I put Memphis in the round pen again, and within minute had a horse that would flex and turn willingly. He traveled with extension, head down and heck relaxed. When I rode him, I was even able to have him back on command, something that his previous owner said she was never able to get him to do. By the time I got off him, after only about 15 minute ride, he was turning his head far enough around to rest his nose on my boot in the stirrup.

Dr. Weisel made a tremendous change in the horse, and gave him relief that he obviously has not known in a very long time. I’m sure Memphis would buy her candy and flowers if he could, but I will just have to say THANKS!!! for him.

Tina Hall

Seminole, Ok.


Dear Dr. Weisel

Zeke is my baby, pure and simple . . . my partner, best friend, companion, you name it, he's it! Zeke is a thirteen and half year old Border Collie/Australian Shepherd cross, who's been with his "mom" and me since he was six weeks old.

When Zeke was about four, we noticed that he was limping a lot, and after some very thorough examinations it was determined that he had pretty severe hip dysplasia. We were fortunate enough to be able to have his problem treated by giving Zeke artificial hips, and for the ensuing eight years or so he was as "good as new", running, playing, absolutely painless in all his activities. But, he also got old, and as he did, he started to show down, and I noticed he was getting very weak in the back end, had trouble getting up, etc. Although he has a high pain threshold, he did seem to be in discomfort almost all the time.

A few months ago we took Zeke back to the highly specialized Vet Hospital that did his hip replacement work for a followup exam, which included an MRI and Myelogram, neither of which offered any positive diagnosis or treatment ideas. During our final consultation with the specialist DVM, a chiropractor came in the exam room; she is licensed to treat animals while working under the direct supervision of a vet, and asked if she could examine Zeke.

I have had experience with animal chiropractic, using a horse chiropractor to treat my cutting horses, so I know firsthand the good they can do.

We agreed to let her take a look at Zeke, she found some things she didn't like, asked again for permission to 'adjust' him, and did so. The improvements we saw in Zeke were very evident the next day, so we took him back for another visit before we came home.

After returning home, we did an internet search seeking a local chiropractor certified in the treatment of animals and found Dr. Weisel. We were specifically looking for a chiropractor who is certified by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association, because of the rigorous study schedule and licensing requirements that must be met. When we called to set up an appointment, Dr. Weisel asked for a "referral" from Zeke's normal vet. We contacted our vet, but neither of Zeke's "family" doctors (vets) would provide a referral, citing liability issues and warning us against the use of chiropractice to treat Zeke. Traditional medicine has not offered a solution to Zeke's problems, but alternative medical treatment offers possibilities.

Zeke has had about six or seven visits with Dr. Weisel, and the difference is nothing short of amazing! Although he's still weak in his rear end, he is able to get up without great effort, he moves better, now wants to play with his toys, can and does run a little when he's playing, and is a much happier guy now that he is in less pain! We can almost see him relax as Dr. Weisel adjusts him during his visits.

Your family vet may discourage you from trying chirpractic for your baby. Remember that humans seek alternative medical solution, and we can do the same for our animal companions. Your dog will appreciate it! Just remember, as we seek to find the most competent licensed doctors to care for ourselves, follow the same standard for you dog.

Gary McLaughlin

Don't Let Your Vet Say NO!

My Testimonial

I have dealt with a lot of tension and strain in my shoulders and neck for years.  I had horrible headaches more often than not. The pain could be debilitating as I would have trouble sleeping and carrying out daily tasks.

Dr. Weisel is always able to erase my pain within seconds!  Her adjustments are easy and smooth yet they produce a lasting result!  The relief is immediate and I feel alive again.

Dr. Weisel is professional, kind and knowledgeable.  What I really like is that she treats each person as a whole.  She focuses on "all" of you and is able to offer insight on every level of your being.  Being around her just makes ya feel good!

I am so thankful I met her.  I am thankful to be pain FREE!

Your patient and friend,

Abby  August 2012