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Why animal chiropractic?

Why use chiropractic with your animals?

    -Neck and back pain

    -Muscle spasms and nerve conditions

    -Injuries from falling, jumping, accidents

    -Sports injuries

    -Chronic conditions that restrict normal movements

Your questions:

More about chiropractic for animals

    -How chiropractic affects change

    -Will treatment/adjustments be painful

    -What to expect after treatment

    -What is the best treatment response

What is animal chiropractic?

     -Chiropractic adjustments are defined as a short lever, high velocity controlled thrust by hand that is directed at specific joint articulations to improve joint function/motion

    -Exam and treatment includes learning about your animal's history

    -Exam includes checking the nerve system, checking the animal's gait, motion and static palpation

Indications for care-do any of these pertain to your pet?

  • Lameness
  • Trouble getting up and down.
  • Athletic competitions.
  • Surgery involving anesthesia.
  • Seizures or neurological problems.
  • Geriatric/older pets.
  • Recovery from illness or injury.
  • Behavior or mood change.
  • In horses: head shy, cinchy, reluctance to pick up a lead or go in one direction, pulling one way, hair color or pattern change along the body.
  • Chronic health problems that do not resolve as expected.
  • Sings of navicular disease or laminitis.

All Species of Animals Benefit

  • Equine, feline and canine patients benefit...if the animal has a spine, treatment is beneficial.
  • Members of the AVCA treat animals of every species
  • So animals, exotics, wildlife and reptiles all have been adjusted by members of the AVCA

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