American Chiropractic Clinic

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Our office is at 318 W. Highland Street in Shawnee, Oklahoma. We are inviting new patients to call for an appointment. Dr. Duree's 28 years of experience as a Doctor of Chiropractic has provided patients with a greatly improved quality of life. Dr.'s approach to treatment is holistic....spinal and extremities examined and adjusted, nutritional counseling and Standard Process whole food supplements and mechanically casted feet orthotics. . .call today for an appointment.

Dr. Duree is Certified in Animal Chiropractic , is a Chiropractic Sports Physician and a Clinical Nutritionist.   Dr. treats the entire family from infants to the oldest family members, including your pets-dogs, cats and horses. 

The OKC American Kennel Club Really Big Dog Show is is great fun.  Dr. Duree has enjoyed seeing friends and making new friends there for many years.  Please come join us!

And the Red Dirt Agility Club will hold it's next trial at Soccer City in OKC over the weekend of TBD.  Dr. Duree will be there!


Our office is on the north side of Highland Street a block and a half off of Kickapoo street right across from Williams Transmission shop and the Shawnee TAG Agency.